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    Legal-financial, technical-scientific and design translations, edited by industry experts.

The Milan translation agency that is by your side


Studio Interpreti Milano has offered a complete range of the highest quality interpreting and translation services since 1990.

Over the years, we have specialised in legal, financial, scientific and design translation, including among our clients some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands, such as Allianz and Armani.

From our offices in the heart of Milan, we can help you with any language, proud to provide you with thirty years of love for languages and experience.


What makes us unique? The Quality

Studio Interpreti Milano ensures services superior to current market standards, the perfect formula for an exclusive clientele that demands translations of exceptional quality.

Texts are translated by expert native speaker translators and are double-checked by professional revisers adopting certified quality criteria that exceed even UNI EN ISO 17.100 requirements. It is important to remember that our translation process involves work by both expert translators and technical consultants with many years’ operational experience in the translation subject area.

The use of native translators, employees in our offices in the UK, Spain, Italy and Latin America, is a key factor that enables us to provide translations that are checked right down to the smallest detail and to ensure a high level of confidentiality.

I nostri uffici


Our History

Our thirty years’ experience in the market is a guarantee of reliability and solidity.

The translation agency Studio Interpreti Milano was founded in 1990 by Silvia Hassan, an expert interpreter and translator who instilled in the company from the offset a love of quality without compromise. We were on the cusp of the new millennium, when the Agency joined Federlingue, the Italian Association of Language Centres with which it created the first Italian Code of Conduct dedicated to the translation industry, a milestone that our agency has strictly observed in relations with customers ever since.

Studio Interpreti Milano continued to grow, chosen by illustrious names in the legal and financial, pharmaceutical and design sectors, who benefited from our punctuality and extreme accuracy of translation services: we focused on the skills of our internal translators, on a rigorous translation method and on the moral integrity that distinguishes the agency in its relations with customers and suppliers. Nothing was left to chance: our work followed the logic of respect and the creation of value, those strong values that form the foundations of continuity for Studio Interpreti Milano, its solidity, its future.

In 2019, when Silvia Hassan decided to retire after a life of hard work and pass the baton to a new administration, it was precisely these precious values of Studio Interpreti Milano that met with the interest of the multinational SMG, which acquired the Milan-based agency, keeping it independent and leaving unchanged the organisational and operational principles that make it unique. In the new millennium, the international clientele requires accurate translations with increasingly rapid delivery and guaranteed by appropriate policy of confidentiality: this is behind the Milan agency’s decision to become part of a bigger and more dynamic company whose strengths include terminological research, system innovation and multinational presence. This process of empowerment served to broaden the horizons of the Studio Interpreti Milano and to give it a new lease of life. In effect, an “extended family” that, in addition to the existing staff could thus also count on the significant pool of human resources at SMG.

Today, Studio Interpreti Milano has completed an important process of internationalization and confirms each year its position in the high end of the market, ensuring precise and punctual translations for the most demanding clientele.



Our Strengths

Discover our strengths, the peculiar features that make the difference between us and the other translation agencies:

Professionalism: our agency is a full-fledged ‘translation workshop’ counting professionals with high standing and sound technical, linguistic and IT skills.

Accuracy: our translations are carried out by native language translators with proven experience in the field. They are then reviewed in-house to ensure that they fully correspond to the original text and that the most appropriate industry-specific terminology is used. In other words, each translation is reviewed by two in-house translators who, working together, first review the translation vs. the original to check its accuracy, then proof-read it for fluency and style.

Punctuality: once a deadline has been established, we go out of our way to ensure that even the most urgent deadline is met.

Management of Rush Jobs: thanks to our pool of in-house and freelance translators, as well as our well-established organisation, we are able to handle long and complex projects even with very tight deadlines.

Confidentiality: we guarantee that any information on our clients is always treated in the strictest confidence.

Versatility: our extensive experience spans a vast range of areas, e.g. legal, financial, medical/scientific and IT/technical, advertising, fashion and design, etc.

High-Tech: we use all major computer programs and CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools.

Content Localization: with the local markets in mind, we can adapt translations to each target cultural context.

In other words: TOTAL QUALITY.

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