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Studio Interpreti Milano interpreting services

Not to be confused with written translation, interpretation involves an interpreter translating orally for you…. Studio Interpreti Milano offers simultaneous interpreting and much more!

Interpretation is in the DNA of Studio Interpreti Milano, which has offered flexible solutions in all languages and for the most varied subjects since the 1990s. We provide the service of professional multilingual interpreters who will assist you with passion and skill at special events such as conferences, congresses, conventions, fairs, business negotiations, company visits, training courses, court hearings, board meetings and travel abroad.

Here the stars of the show are of course our interpreters, all professionals with great experience and accredited by the major international institutions, who better themselves every day with linguistic challenges of the highest level.

In addition to the much appreciated assistance of our interpreters in Milan, we will be at your side wherever you need an interpreter: in Rome, Brussels, Paris, New York and anywhere in the world: our interpreting services break down language barriers and cross national borders, thanks to the availability of a dense network of interpreters that Studio Interpreti Milano has selected over the course of thirty years.

Studio Interpreti Milano client consultation

When you contact Studio Interpreti Milano, each request is coordinated by one of our expert Project Managers, who analyses what is needed for the success of the interpreting service by considering some important factors, including: the logistical and technical conditions of the event venue, the languages to be interpreted, the number of listeners, the time available for interpretation and the topic to be discussed.

Thanks to this in-depth analysis, alongside the client the Studio Interpreti Milano Project Manager is able to define which interpretation technique to choose: it is important to remember that not all interpretation techniques can be applied on any occasion and Studio Interpreti Milano helps you to understand which of the following best suits the context of your event:

  • Simultaneous interpretation: the interpreter translates simultaneously, i.e. talks over the speaker’s voice without waiting for them to finish speaking. Very few interpreters are able to master simultaneous interpreting and use this complex and demanding technique that allows them to both control their brain’s functions and produce a translation in real time. What advantages does simultaneous interpretation offer the client? The translation flows with no interruptions, sometimes only a few fractions of a second behind the speaker, which is ideal if you do not want to extend the duration of a conference. Simultaneous interpreters need special technologies to receive the audio signal and transmit the translation to the audience listening to them through headphones: Studio Interpreti Milano has all the necessary technologies to provide a good simultaneous interpretation service and its team of specialised technicians will assist you throughout the entire process, from the installation of interpreter booths to the rental of audio-visual systems for conference rooms, through to the specialised technical direction service (for more technical details on simultaneous interpreting, follow this link).
  • Whispered interpretation: also called chuchotage, this interpretation technique takes place simultaneously but without the aid of translation transmission equipment. The interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the translation into their ear. Whispered interpretation saves technology costs but it should be noted that one interpreter can only be listened to by two people at a time. (for more technical details on chuchotage follow this link).
  • Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter translates consecutively, i.e. after the speaker has finished speaking. This technique extends the duration of your meetings as the translation takes the same amount of time as the speaker’s original speech (for more technical details on consecutive interpretation, follow this link).
  • Online or telephone interpretation: the interpreter translates simultaneously or consecutively, over the phone or via video-conference, with you and your contacts (for more technical details on telephone interpretation, follow this link).
  • Mediation: this technique is used when, in addition to interpretation of a message, there is also the need to explain it in various ways, establishing a relationship of assistance with the person receiving the interpretation. An example of this is the cultural linguistic mediation that Studio Interpreti Milano offers to non-EU citizens at the offices of public welfare bodies (for more technical details on mediation follow this link).

After helping the client to identify the most suitable interpretation technique, the Project Manager identifies the most suitable interpreter, including on the basis of the logistical conditions of the event, the topic to be discussed and the tenor that the interpreter will have to maintain. Studio Interpreti Milano has a pool of interpreters specialised in different topics: we will select the right interpreter for you!

After receiving a quote and confirming the service, the client is invited to provide any support material that Studio Interpreti Milano will transmit to the interpreters so they can study it and prepare for the service.

Studio Interpreti Milano will be at your complete disposal before, during and after the service, providing assistance, answering any questions and doing anything to contribute to your full satisfaction!

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