Legal translations

Legal translation service: a historic agency in the heart of Milan with a global reach

Studio Interpreti Milano has provided top quality legal translation services since 1990, focusing on precision of terminology and scrupulous respect of delivery times. Our services are available in all official languages and in many dialects.

Our translation agency counts among its clients prestigious law firms, international consultants, ministries of justice in different countries and the legal offices of some of the biggest multinationals in the world.

The success of the legal translation service at Studio Interpreti Milano is based on three essential values:

  • The real specialist expertise of our translators, who have direct legal experience.
  • A rigorous quality control system, that our Group has certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 17.100.
  • Continuous investment in human and technological resources, offices in the UK, Spain, Italy and Latin America and our invaluable customer service available 24/7.

As recognised sworn translators, we can provide sworn translation services by means of the asseveration procedure and validation by means of legalisation or affixing a Hague Apostille.

The support of our legal interpreters completes the range of language services we offer to our customers, for example during deposition or interrogation. The quality of the legal interpreting at Studio Interpreti Milano is ensured by the support of collaborators who work for international organisations in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Translators with real legal expertise

Studio Interpreti Milano is proud to be one of the few translation agencies in the world able to ensure the use of translators with real legal expertise: our staff also includes law graduates with the real experience in the legal sector. Aware of the importance of accurate translation in an area as sensitive as the legal sector, we invest continuously in the recruitment of translators who have gained direct experience in legal translation.

Although automatic translation seems to be taking over in every sector, we believe that only a human translator with extensive legal expertise is able to understand the exquisitely human subtleties of legal discourse rich with premises, subtext and meanings that are impossible to reproduce automatically.

ISO 17.100 certified translation process

Studio Interpreti Milano subjects each translation to two quality controls performed by expert revisers who correct possible inaccuracies and optimize the translations to obtain the most effective result.

Indeed, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 17.100 standard, we ensure the correction of syntax, lexicon, spelling, content and layout. Our group is also certified UNI EN ISO 9001, which guarantees order and transparency in the management of our quality system.

International investment for the growth of our translation agency

For a translation agency like ours, keeping ourselves at the forefront requires considerable investment, both in terms of the acquisition of valuable human resources and in terms of updating technology and work systems.

Studio Interpreti Milano is part of the multinational SMG and this allows us to grow with the support of the group’s offices in the UK, Spain, Italy and Latin America, which are home to expert native translators and project managers who work with the Milan agency to manage customer requests with a service available 24/7.

Which legal texts can we translate?

You can rely on Studio Interpreti Milano for:

  • Legal translations of trials, sentences or proceedings of any nature and in any language
    • Translation of court rulings
    • Translation of judicial and extra-judicial documents
    • Translation of legal opinions
    • Translations of international arbitration
  • Legal translations of articles of association, by-laws, memoranda of understanding
    • Translation of corporate by-laws
    • Translation of the minutes of shareholders’ meetings
    • Translation of contracts
    • Translation of notifications
    • Translation of international documentation for mergers and acquisitions, tenders, tender offers, IPOs
    • Translation of notary deeds
    • Translation of Chamber of Commerce certificates and corporate documents
  • Legal translations of certificates
    • Translation of birth certificates
    • Translation of marriage certificates
    • Translation of certificates of pending charges or certificates of criminal records
    • Translation of driving licenses
    • Translation of school and university certificates and diplomas
    • Translation of wills
    • Translation of patents and trademarks
    • Translation of intellectual property in general

Further information on legal translation is available at this link.

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