Multilingual dubbing services

Multilingual dubbing services: Studio Interpreti Milano at your side


In addition to translation and interpreting in the traditional sense, Studio Interpreti Milano offers audio and video dubbing, subtitling and transcription services on any platform and in any multimedia format (mpeg, avi, mp3, mp4, etc.).

Dubbing services are especially interesting, which we provide to direct clients and to recording and dubbing studios that appreciate the voices of our native voice actors and the technical assistance of our technicians who are specialised in managing multilingual speakers.

When dubbing we are able to give the original message “a voice” in a foreign language, maximising its expressive potential and in the name of interactivity and creativity.

What exactly is a dubbing service? It involves replacing the original audio track of your video with its translation in the chosen language, carefully adapted, spoken by a native speaker and synchronised so that it coincides as best it can with the lip movements in the original video. When the translated voice is superimposed over the original voice and the original remains audible in the background, the dubbing is called voice over or oversound and is different to synchronous dubbing where the original voice is no longer audible.

Studio Interpreti Milano handles all stages of the dubbing service for you and delivers a turnkey audiovisual product. The dubbing service generally involves the following activities, although different needs may be dictated by the specific features of your project:

  • Adaptation of the translation for its use in an audiovisual context: the structure of the audio message intended to be heard does not follow the same logic that applies to a text intended for reading – the phraseology, the construction of the periods and the terminology may change to be faster and more direct. For this reason, Studio Interpreti Milano offers a translation service specifically developed to produce texts for use in dubbing or, alternatively, it is able to adapt the client’s own translations to the audiovisual context.
  • Voice recording: our voice actors are native speakers able to effectively recite the script provided to them. To help you make an excellent choice, we offer a wide range of male and female voices, of various ages and backgrounds and, above all, with different intonations and types of voices (baritone, tenor, etc.).
  • Synchronisation with the original lip movement: for a proper dubbing service the spoken words, i.e. the voice of the voice actor, must be inserted into the video and must be synchronised with the lip movement of the person speaking on screen, also considering the emotional effect that you want to evoke in the audience.
  • Mixing this is an important operation to complete and finalise the video and involves the insertion and harmonisation of soundtracks, dialogues and images.

We have recording studios equipped with modern dubbing technologies, in order to ensure the technical result you seek. In addition, our team of sound engineers, audio-visual technicians and post-production operators has specific experience in managing dubbing services in a foreign language.

In addition to dubbing, we are proud to say that Studio Interpreti Milano offers the following full range of language services, useful for anyone producing films in a foreign language:

  • Subtitling: inserting subtitles into videos is a quick and inexpensive way of combining the original voice of a video with its written translation or, simply, its transcription, so that it is readable by a foreign or hard of hearing audience. The service provides text adaptation and synchronisation similar to those presented above for the dubbing service.
  • Transcription of scripts and transcription of files and audio tracks. Transcription simply means writing out what has been said in an audio file onto a visual medium and can be done with or without adapting and correcting the syntax and grammar of the spoken word.
  • Audiovisual translations: Studio Interpreti Milano provides translation and adaptation services for dialogues and spoken word.

Many companies have already turned to Studio Interpreti Milano to dub their videos: we would be proud to help you too!

(For further information on dubbing techniques, visit this link)


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