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moda designTranslation service in fashion and design: in Milan, our agency ensures quality and punctuality

Studio Interpreti Milano has been an accredited specialist in translation for the fashion and design industry since 1990.

With headquarters in Milan, an international fashion capital, our expertise embraces all types of translation that may be required by fashion houses and designers: from the description of garments for fashion shows to the presentation of fashion collections, design catalogues and evocative translation and transcreation for marketing.

Studio Interpreti Milano is a privileged partner of leading Italian and international companies in the field of haute couture, prêt-à-porter and lifestyle as well as the most prominent figures in the world of design, including Armani, Replay and North Sails. This is the result of meticulous work organisation and the continuing human attention to detail that distinguishes our translation process. Every project is different and our desire is to complete each one in full respect of this uniqueness!

We take the utmost care over the content of our translations, which must fully reflect the unique style and the intangible value of the brand and of the client in all its nuances, especially for companies entering the global market: this is why so many big fashion houses turn to Studio Interpreti Milano for the translation of their technical and informative material.

Our translation agency can also deal with urgent requests, typical of the fashion industry. In fact, it often happens that our clients send us the description of garments for a fashion show the evening before the big event; we then forward the work to our translators, who, working through the night, are able to deliver us the translations the following morning at office opening time. In this way, we have the time we need to check the translation carefully and perform a final re-reading to ensure good language flow, so as to deliver translations to the clients before lunchtime, so that they have time to print them before the show.

Below we list some types of fashion and design translations:

  • presentation of collections
  • technical specifications (clothing, accessories, jewellery, eyewear, furnishings, fabrics, etc.)
  • catalogues, brochures, press releases and all types of advertising material
  • press releases and reports
  • websites and portals, videos, newsletters and other localized digital content

Why we were founded in Milan: the history of our tailor-made agency

Behind our translation agency lies the determination of Silvia Hassan, who founded the company in 1990 and issued from the offset strict instructions of attention to detail and the ethical management of assignments.

With the motto of “client first”, the quality of our services was quickly affirmed throughout Milan, earning the appreciation of clients in the fashion and design industries, which, at the time, were taking decisive steps towards brand internationalisation. It was the time of big fashion show, a golden age for the fashion houses, which, consistent with their own strong orientation towards quality, sought specialist translation services that could reproduce even the most subtle nuances of design.

There was a need for punctual delivery and the ability to complete large quantities of urgent translations, day and night, without compromising the quality of the result: for these reasons, our agency preferred to employ high profile internal translators rather than having to rely every day on freelance translators, as was the custom at other agencies: this provided the guarantee of availability of talented linguists in the agency and allowed us to provide, at any time, the accuracy and dedication that only a tailor-made organisation can offer. We chose quality and we were right … it was the only option that our hearts could have chosen!

Today, we are very pleased to introduce you to our specialist fashion and design translation services; proud to affirm, after years of work, the expertise of a translation agency devoted to excellence.

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