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Economic and financial translation service: the accuracy of Studio Interpreti Milano


Studio Interpreti Milano offers accurate economic and financial translations in all languages, the result of more than 30 years’ experience and a work process that has been certified ISO 9001 and ISO 17.100. Our focus on quality means we also provide sworn translations and translations of classified information up to “Highly Confidential” rating and its equivalents in the NATO and COSMIC systems.

Financial translation is the flagship of our agency: we are proud to translate for some of the most prestigious financial institutions, leading insurance companies, investment funds and finance departments of large multinationals.

The use of appropriate financial language and the correct transposition of technical concepts make our translations at Studio Interpreti Milano unique, in addition to our meticulous punctuality of delivery. We are conscious of the fact that the operators in the world of the economy and finance require accurate translations delivered exactly on time, because a financial translation must be faithful, clear and precise in its terminology; furthermore, our guaranteed respect for the agreed delivery times is an important added value of our service, especially in the field of economy and finance, where time is money and the translation of the information must be virtually immediate. This value is the result of a far-sighted policy of investment in human resources and technology that ensures Studio Interpreti Milano adequate staff and resources to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our thirty years of experience in the financial sector has helped us to understand the related dynamics of the markets and of individual financial instruments in order to offer translations that use language that is appropriate, effective and understandable and adopt a natual flow that captures the attention of investors. This is particularly valued by financial operators, who experience the dynamics of “high risk” sector, where getting a single word wrong can affect the placement of a fund or the outcome of proceedings.

What is the secret of the quality of our financial translations?

  • Direct knowledge of the subject of finance: the translation agency Studio Interpreti Milano has always focused on the accuracy and the expertise of its translators: in the financial sector, the understanding of concepts is a necessary precondition to reproducing faithfully and precisely the concepts and their most subtle nuances. It is unthinkable to tackle a financial translation without understanding the subject matter. For this reason, we employ native translators with consolidated experience in the economic and financial field, i.e. translators who have studied the subject and that possibly have gained direct experience working in the economic-financial sector as operators and not just as translators.
  • Accurate quality control: before delivery to the client, every one of our financial translations is checked and improved by a second translator (reviser) and, in some cases, by two revisers. This exceptional measure of quality control goes beyond even the requirements of ISO 17100 and ensures for our customers economic and financial translations of incomparable reliability.

Language revision and correction of financial translations provided by the client

We offer a service of language revision and correction of your financial translations: our team can transform classical financial translations from untidy and hard-to-read texts into texts in which the key concepts are expressed with extreme clarity. This is quite rare in the field of financial translations, which are often entrusted to the analysts themselves or to translators with little expertise. In the first case, the translation is very costly and written in an obscure and convoluted manner, suitable maybe for “insiders” but not to a retail audience; in the second case, instead, the concepts are sometimes misunderstood or expressed in an unclear manner, in return for a cheaper service.

The agency of reference in Milan for the economic and financial translations

From our Milan offices, a stone’s throw from Piazza Affari, the financial heart of the city, our pool of professionals perform all types of financial, economic, insurance and commercial translations.

Studio Interpreti Milano has for years been the translation provider for prestigious financial institutions and international legal offices that operate in Milan, including in particular investment fund distributors, savings management companies, auditors and intermediaries, banks and credit institutions, as well as insurance and real estate companies. Many of our translations are registered with CONSOB.

Examples of economic or financial texts we have translated

Studio Interpreti Milano translates various types of informative and specialist economic and financial documents:

  • corporate financial statements, half-yearly and annual reports
  • comments by analysts and investment fund managers
  • brochures and leaflets of financial institutions
  • manuals and codes of conduct
  • invitations to tender and contract specifications
  • shareholders’ agreements and notices to shareholders
  • documents of due diligence, memorandums, legal opinions -> More detail in Legal translations
  • white papers
  • valuations and insurance policies
  • economic, market and stock exchange analyses
  • financial accounts
  • articles and texts on economics, marketing and finance
  • prospectuses and key investor information documents (KIID)
  • websites, presentations, roadshows, newsletters, press releases and press folders of a financial nature -> see also Advertising and marketing translations

You can read more about financial translation at this authoritative link.

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